Here are some comments from customers both old and new

Just a quick comment to say how happy we were with Lincolns\', our Cockerpoo, new haircut. We were apprehensive at first as we have seen some bad cuts and we loved his puppy coat. However after letting Jane know what we wanted she did not let us down.

Thanks Rick, Collette and Lincoln..

I have taken Lily to various dog groomers in the past and Jane is by far the best! She pays Lily so much attention, you can really tell she adores dogs and loves her job. I also feel happy knowing Lily is having a pleasant experience - Which i know she hasn\'t had with previous groomers! Lily always looks fab and smells divine - Which i love! I would definately reccomend Woofcuts.

Thanks, Sarah-May & Lily

Hi Jane
Once again Troopers hair cut is fantastic - thanks.  For anyone reading this, I would highly recommend Woofcuts; not only does Jane do an absolutely fantastic job but, my dog thoughouly enjoys the experience.  He is an excitable pup but also enjoys the relaxation and has been known to fall asleep!  The best indication I can give to his perspective from the experience, is that he willingly goes with Jane, wagging his tail as they go, he welcomes me back but doesn't make a bee-line for the door!!

We usually send them to another groomers but after they returned from your house with the most even and neat cut they have ever had we will definitely be returning customers to Woofcuts.  As well as being so pleased at the professional grooming, we were met by two very happy dogs who had obviously enjoyed themselves and had a nice morning. Thankyou and see you next month

 Dear Jane
Just a note to thank you for the very professional service you provided cutting Ralph, He has been having his hair cut in Radcliffe for many years, but you have given him his best cut , he looks very handsome.Thanks

Jane washes and styles our Lhasa Apso puppy every few weeks and as he gets bigger and older he is in great shape with his coat. Like all little boy puppies he likes to get messy and roll around in the muck when on his daily exercise, so it is nice to know Jane does a really good job of putting him right. We trust Jane completely with Michigan and she is very professional and genuinely enjoys her work. She recently went to Crufts and brought us back some invaluable combs and brushes to help with our grooming. She gives excellent advice and never rushes a job just to get the money in. She also offers people in the area a pickup and drop off service which is very handy if you have trouble getting there. Thank you, Kelly, Marcus and Mich

We have an 18 month old Cavalier King Charles spaniel called Alfie. He is a beautiful ruby colour with a thick, long coat. He loves getting muddy and covered in brambles and as we live off the beaten track this is not difficult for him to do! However, he thinks that any kind of grooming is just a big game so we have to have some professional input from time to time. After a couple of unfortunate experiences with groomers we have thankfully finally found Jane.We have been really impressed with the care and attention lavished on Alfie by her. It is quite apparent that she really loves dogs and her work with them. She is obviously very skilled and grooms him beautifully without any stress to him. (In fact last time we went he wanted to stay and play longer.) The Websters and Alfie from Rochdale


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